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Recipes for Juicers and Juice Extractors

If you're interested in living a more healthful life and getting rid of a lot of your ailments and diseases, juicing can help you do that and there are dozens of recipes for juicers if you need them. There are dozens of juicers and juice extractors on the market and there is a wide range to choose from in every price range. The cost of juicers varies quite a bit but there are many cheap and affordable juicers on the market. And dozens of recipes for juicers that you can try or just make up your own juicing recipes. Raw Food Recipes

One of the great things about juicing is you really don’t have to follow a specific juicing recipe and you can throw anything in within reason. You can juice most fruits and some veggies especially lettuces and greens like kale, lacinato kale, curly kale, spinach, red lettuce, green lettuce, red chard and herbs like parsley and more.

Juicer and Juice Extractor

There is a difference between a juicer and juice extractor. And there are manual juicers, electric and commerical juicers.


A juicer is basically a machine for extracting juice from fruits, vegetable or wheatgrass. Although I eat a raw food diet I prefer not to drink wheatgrass juice. I stick with the other juice choices and enjoy the juices and juicers immensely and have for more than ten years, every day.

There are many juicers you can buy including juice extractors, masticating juicers, triturating juicers and centrifugal juicers such as Jack Lalanne juicers, pro juicers and power juicers. There are many affordable and even cheap machines you see on the market. But the cheap juicers are really not worth bothering with and may be so frustrating you'll want to quit juicing. Invest or buy the best machine and you will want to juice for your health every day.

Juice Extractors

A juice extractor is a great juicing machine that mechanically separates the juice from the solid part (pulp) of most fruits, vegetables, carrots, leafy greens - such as kale, chard, spinach, baby spinach, romaine lettuce and herbs such as parsley. The juicing pulp and especially carrot pulp is usually thrown away or composted, but it can also be used when making flax seed crackers , raw vegan burgers and other raw food recipes in a food dehydrator.

Juice extractors are electric also and differ from a blender or a Vitamix because a juicer separates the juice from the pulp and a blender or Vita mix mixes or blends it all together.

There are three main types of juicers and juice extractors: centrifugal juicers use blades and a sieve to separate the juice from pulp. The masticating juicers such as the Champion chew the fruit to a pulp before squeezing the juice out. The triturating juicers, such as the Green Power, Green Star, and Samson have twin gears to first crush fruit and then press it; this class also includes the single auger. 

The single auger masticating juicer which uses a profiled screw style molding to compact and crush fruit and vegetable matter against a static screen allows the juice to flow through the screen while the fruit and vegetable or carrot pulp is expelled through a separate outlet or chute.

To juice wheatgrass you need a masticating or triturating juicer but centrifugal juicers cannot break down the fibers of the grass.

The twin gear triturating machines like the Green Power or Samson are usually more expensive juicers but offer the best juice yield-- you get more juice. Twin gear juicers have two metal counter rotating gears that crush the fruits or veggies. The gears allow the juice to flow through the gap between the gears while the large vegetable, greens or carrot pulp is passed along the top of the gears and is discharged.

My Green Power Juice Extractor and Champion Juicer Reviews

I have a Green Power which I've used for 10 years and it is my favorite machine. I like it because it can juice greens easily. I just take half a bunch of lacinato kale and put it in the juicer and it sucks it right down. I also juice carrots with the juice so it isn’t bitter at all. I have grown to love my green juice and crave it often. This is a good healthy way to get your extra boost of energy and nutrition.

I also have a Champion juicer which I like for homogenizing but it is not the best for carrots or greens. I find I have to run my carrots through the chute a second or third time to get all the juice out of them. This also heats the juice and the pulp feels warm which is not good. I juice a lot drinking at least 2 glasses of carrot juice every day and greens often.   I use greens in my raw fruit smoothes also.

Health Benefits of Juicing - Weight Loss - Detox - Cleansing - Juicing Tips

I cover more of my juicing tips in my ebook Raw Food Diet Cure but all fruits and vegetables have powerful nutritional properties that have helped many people with many types of health problems including cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis and many other disease and ailments. Juices can contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals and antioxidants, enzymes that are alive if not heated, and vitamins -all substances that fight cancer, and help reduce inflammation and pain.

I am a perfect example of that. I cured myself of breast cancer more than ten years using a raw food diet and lots and lots of juicing. I am still in excellent health today. I had a long list of other ailments including fibromyalgia and arthritis and they went away in the first month of juicing and eating raw foods. Raw Food Diet Cure

You don't have to buy the expensive juicers to enjoy and get the benefits of juicing incuding juicing for weight loss. If you have a centrifugal juicer use it and you'll start to notice a difference in your energy level and health. I only need 5 hours of sleep a night and have gained many waking hours due to juicing over the last ten years.

Some people use juicing for fasting and cleansing but I have never fasted using juice. Juicing  is a natural way to detox though, a natural liver cleanser - a good way to cleanse the liver and vitalize your other organs.

Cost of Juicers and Juice Extractors

The Jack Lalanne juicer that runs less than a hundred dollars is a good choice if you can't afford the triturating or masticating juicers. The cost of those machines runs around $200 to $400 and the Champion is about $250 - $300 depending on where you buy it.

Recipes for Juicers

The basic recipe for juicers that I use is simply about 8 carrots or so for carrot juice. I scrub them lightly with a vegetable brush set aside for that purpose. I always leave the peel on. Now to that I may add half a bunch of lacinato kale. If using the Champion I have to cut it up the leaves in bits first because it just won't take the kale that way like the Green Power Juice extractor does.

Sometimes I add some parsley and you can add a bit of ginger. Go very light on the ginger because it can be too sharp fast. Or some mango chunks. There are hundreds of different juicer recipie variations you can use. Besides lacinato (dino) kale I often add celery to my carrot juice or cucumbers or beets or any combination. Beet juice is very sweet like carrot juice. Raw Food Recipes

Now if you've watched any of the Jack Lalanne infomercials they put in every type of fruit and vegetable, everything but the kitchen sink. So really no recipe is needed and you can use what you have in your kitchen already. I would not add the rinds of a pineapple, lemons and oranges unless you know they're organic. They may have pesticides on them and you don’t want pesticides in your juice. I don't know if any research has been done on juicing pineapple rinds.

Some people juice cantaloupe rinds. You don't want to juice rhubarb leaves or carrot tops and possibly not celery tops as they may be toxic, especially rhubarb leaves.

I juice apples in the Champion because they don’t juice in the Green Power machine as well. And I use citrus juicers for oranges, limes and lemons. I use a cheap Braun juicer for making orange juice and for lemon juice and occasionally lime juice.

If you like easy, low fat and healthy fruit smoothies, you can make banana smoothies, strawberry smoothies, mango smoothies, tropical smoothies, pina colada, coconut smoothies, smoothies, breakfast smoothies and green smoothies easily in a blender or Vita Mix.  Raw Food Recipes

List of fruits and vegetables you can juice - make your own juicer recipe -

Use any combination of these that you like. However it is best to juice only fruits together but with lettuce greens okay and juice vegetables separately.  In other words I usually don't mix carrots with fruits. Apple juiced should be okay.

Fruits you can use in juicing recipes -

Acai Berries, Apple, Aprico,t Blackberry
Cantaloupe, Carambola (Starfruit,) Cherry
Coconut Water, Currants, Cranberry
Durian, Elderberry, Goji Berries, Gooseberry
Grape, Grapefruit but not the rind unless organic, Honeydew Melon
Jackfruit, Kiwi, Kumquat
Lemon but not the rind unless organic, Lime, Lychee 
Mandarin Orange but not the rind unless organic, Mango
Mangosteen, Orange, Papaya
Passion Fruit, Peach, Pear
Pineapple, Plum, Pomegranate
Quince, Raspberry, Strawberry
Tangerine, Watermelon 

Vegetables and herbs you can use in juicing recipes 

Alfalfa Aloe Vera Artichoke

Arugula Asparagus Bamboo Shoots
Basil Beet Beet Greens
Bitter Gourd Melon Bok Choy Broccoli
Brussels Sprouts Green Cabbage Red Cabbage
Carrots Cauliflower Celeriac
Celery Chicory Chinese Cabbage (Napa Cabbage)
Chives Collard Greens Coriander
Corn (Yellow) Corn (White) Cucumber
Dandelion Leaves Eggplant Endives
Fennel Garlic Ginger Root 
Jicama Kale, Lacinato Kale, Curly Kale,  Kohlrabi
Lamb's Quarter Lentils Lettuce (Butter)
Lettuce Red and Green, Lettuce (Romaine) Mung Beans
Mustard Greens Onions Parsley
Parsnip  Peppers (Red) but not Green Peppers
Pumpkin Purslane Radishes
Radish Sprouts Scallion (Spring Onion) Spearmint (Mint)
Spinach  Red Chard, Swiss Chard
Tomatoes Turnips Turnip Greens
Watercress Wheat Grass (do separately in Wheat Grass juicer)  Yams

I hope you can start juicing today if you haven't' already and get the health benefits that juicing and recipes for juicers will give you just like I have.  Recipes for Juicers


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